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AH! Products

WHAT is AH! ?

Our brand name AH! has been chosen for a growing group of products for which extremely good quality and extremely good price/quality ratio are the main features. These can be our own products or existing products. An important part of the AH! story is the fact that we as supplier have the responsibility for the extreme good quality and together with the AH! consumer for the extremely good price/quality ratio. In general we will not as a supplier spend excessive amounts of money for promotion of the AH! brand name. Instead most promotion is based on the AH! consumer's experiences which they spread around. That's  why it's the interest of each AH! owner to participate in the concept of sharing their experiences with AH! products, since in general then promotion -and so the AH! products- becomes less costly.

WHO is AH! ?

As a brand name AH! might sound new to the international world of high fidelity, but behind this name are quite some years of experience.  Herman van den Dungen, the initiator of AH! brings more than 25 years of high-end experience into the AH! project. He is responsible in the Benelux for the distribution of a wide range of the world most elaborated high-end brands. Due to his connections with several hifi stores he knows the consumer's demands. He has been responsible for the "creation" of several well-known brands. Brands like Kiseki (cartridges, tone-arm), Milltek (cartridges), Audiophile Products (mc-transformers), Interface (accessories), PinPoints (cones), Cogelco (pure silver interconnects) have found their way in the international hifi-world and are still recognized for their high quality. So it may appear clear now to you that proven experience and trust are the basics of the new brand AH!

WHICH AH! products are available ?

In general -as said before- a product becomes an AH! product, because of its extremely good quality and its extremely good price/quality ratio. Both in build- and sound quality AH! products should easily stand any comparison with other brand products in the same price-range. Besides it has always be clear that a part of the AH! consumers job is the promotion by sharing their experience with others. Currently (April 2002) we have the following products available: phono-amps (mm/mc in Standard and Xtra High Quality version, headphone-amps (in Standard and Xtra High Quality), AC Noise Killers (AC parallel filters for external use in wall-sockets and for internal use in all kind of equipment), Decca Tone-arms (known quality at a price of EUR $ 25.- only!), loudspeaker cables in different configurations, AC Offset Killer (AC filter which improves the AC quality, "kills" the mechanical (!) hum from toroid transformers and overall gives a huge improvement in sound and image quality; maximum 10 Ampères; also available as an internal upgrade-board for Krell's KAV-300i) and last but not least our AH! Tjoeb modifications on the basic OEM CD-4000 cd-player. For more information on all of these, please go and click!

WHERE are AH! products available ?

AH! products are available worldwide either direct or through a local AH! PARTNER. Please continue reading our webpages to learn more about all possibilities. Thank you for your support and time!

 For more information on all of these, please go and click!

For your information we list all AH! Products which are available now or within very short time on www.hifi-planet.com. You will also find these products soon in our new webstore on that site.

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